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Spa & Yoga Experience at Prana Spa

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Prana Spa is located in the main area of Seminyak, Bali. With its unique interior design, you will feel like you are inside a middle eastern castle.
The design is a mix of Morrocan and Indian culture, with luxurious rugs and curtains. Offering various kinds of treatments from massages, waxing, and facial, Prana Spa also offers luxurious treatment using finest ingredients such as 4 Karat Gold infused massage oil and using genuine pearl powder.

Another facilities they have is a restaurant called Prana Restaurant, serving various range of healthy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily.
The mix selections of their menu is quiet interesting, from Indian food, Western food, and Asian food. You will enjoy your meal and be surrounded on a nice exotic ambience.
Besides spa and restaurants, there is yoga center which offers daily and private sessions of yoga. Every day they have different classes with different guru such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Sivananda, until healing yoga.
Yoga gives a lot of benefit for body and mind. From energy boost, respiratory system, strengthens and tones muscles, and even helps with sleeping problem.

Prana Spa is worth to visit while you are in Bali to experience their relaxing services, amazing settings, and delicious food!

Prana Spa
Open Everyday 9:00 AM -10:00 PM

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