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Events of the Balinese cultural and religious life - Optimum Bali
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Optimum Bali - News - Nyepi


Feb 13, 2020
Nyepi or known as silence day is the Hindu New Year according to the Saka (lunar) calendar. In contrast to the New [lebih]
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Optimum Bali - News - Mepantigan


Feb 13, 2020
Mepantigan is a form of martial art that combines fight, drama, dance, and gamelan music. It came from a combinatio [lebih]
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Optimum Bali - News - Ngaben


Feb 13, 2020
A Balinese ceremony known as Ngaben is one of the important ceremony in Bali. A series of Pitra Yadnya ceremony is [lebih]
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Optimum Bali - News - Nusa Dua Light Festival

Nusa Dua Light Festival

Feb 13, 2020
Nusa Dua Light Festival (NDLF) is the biggest lampion light festival in Bali. Being held one time per year in Penin [lebih]
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Optimum Bali - News - Mekotek


Feb 13, 2020
Avoiding Misfortunes in Bali with Mekotek If you happen to visit Bali on Kuningan, you may be able to see a special [lebih]
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Optimum Bali - News - Otonan


Feb 13, 2020
Even though the Gregorian calendar is commonly used by most parts of the world, the Balinese also follows its own c [lebih]
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