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Nusa Dua Light Festival - Optimum Bali - News
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Nusa Dua Light Festival

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Nusa Dua Light Festival (NDLF) is the biggest lampion light festival in Bali. Being held one time per year in Peninsula Island Nusa Dua, the festival last about 45 days between May to July every year. There are thousands of lights in various themes and shapes, on this year of 2019, they choose “Mountain View” as the theme. Hundreds of lights forming like mountains and surrounded by fruit and flower plantations. This year is the fourth year NDLF being held and hundreds of people come daily to enjoy the atmosphere.

NDLF is open every day for the public from 4 PM to 10 PM. This festival is not free of charge, all guests are required to buy tickets at the entrance to get inside. Additional attractions such as kids playground also available inside the festival, guests are required to buy another ticket for their kids depending on the ride. There is a culinary spot with various food stalls offering a menu from local to western food.

NDLF is a great activity to do with children as part of education and as entertainment during school holidays in Bali.

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