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Gunung Kawi Temple

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Gunung Kawi temple is one of the best archaeologist sites in Bali. This wonderful place is located near Pakerisan River in Penangka Village, Tampaksiring Gianyar Regency, approximately 1, 5 hours drive from Seminyak. This temple built in a very unique form, carved 7 meters high on the wall of the cliff rocks edge of the river.

This funerary complex consists of 2 rock-cut temples.

On the west side of the river you can find the 4 rock-cut temples, bathing pool with fountain and a Vihara. On the East side of the river you can find the other 5 rock-cut temples.

Inside the Vihara there is a small chamber with window and roof for air circulation and sunlight. This chamber is believed to be a room for meditation and a meeting room for the priest and the royal family.

To enjoy this temple complex, be prepared for long climbs – there are more than 270 steps. Your eyes will be spoiled with the rice fields view scenery along the way. Keep this site as one of your to do list while holidaying in Bali.

Opening hours: 7 am – 6 pm every day except Nyepi Day
Entrance fee: IDR 15,000 / person
Car parking: IDR 5,000 /car

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